Little Shrimp – Théâtre en anglais

Lundi 6 mars 2023 les élèves de 3èmes  ont assisté et participé à un spectacle théâtral en anglais avec les compagnie Pickles.

Little shrimp, little shrimp… Amy is anything but a little shrimp! She is the representation of a generation disgusted by what humans have done to our planet and to our oceans. She decides to tackle this problem head on! She will build her LOB (Love Ocean Boat) that will clean up all of that! However, she needs money, lots of money… Thanks to her wild imagination she will set off on an adventure to find a fantastic treasure! An ecological adventure and a treasure hunt all in one. With Amy we definitely won’t get bored!

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Students 1 & 2 – Scene 5


Student 3 – Scene 7


Students 4 & 5 – Scene 9


Student 6 – Scene 13



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